Working Certificate Test Rules and Regulation

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7.1 It shall be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct if a person during the running of or in connection with an event abuses or harasses a judge or official or any other person present in any capacity at the event.

7.2 Any handler who displays unsportsmanlike conduct or who is seen to kick, strike or otherwise roughly manhandle a dog while on the grounds of a working certificate test at any time during the holding of the event, may be expelled from the test by the Working Certificate Test Committee.

7.3 The judges shall also have the authority to expel a handler from a test if they observe unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the handler or see the handler kicking, striking or otherwise roughly manhandling a dog while the event is in progress. It will be the duty of the judge to report promptly to the Working Certificate Test Committee the expulsion of a handler.

7.4 The Working Certificate Test Committee shall investigate, at once, any instance of alleged unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any handler, or any report thata handler has been observed kicking, striking or otherwise roughly manhandling a dog. If the Working Certificate Test Committee, after investigation, determines that a handler is in violation of this section, and that the incident, if proven, would constitute conduct prejudicial to the sport or the CKC, it shall exercise its authority in accordance with the Complaints section of these rules.

7.5 The test secretary shall submit to the CKC a complete report of any hearing action taken under this section within 21 days

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