Field Tests/Trials for Retrievers

The C.K.C. was formed in 1888 in London Ontario. The first dog was from the "sporting" group, an English Setter owned by the new CKC Secretary. The first dog club was founded here in Saint John, N.B. in 1881 and they held the first show in 1886 but under AKC rules. The first Field Trial was held on 11 th. November 1889. The CKC was started with a sporting dog and most of the interest, in those days, was with the value of a dog as a worker.

Ace_Cole_Chip_Saco_Ribbons.jpgField Trials for retrievers are meant to produce a winner. The sport grew very fast and became very competitive. The use of professional trainers became common, making the sport less popular with the common, working person. This void was filled in 1983 when the North American Hunting Retriever Association, NAHRA was formed. NAHRA had a series of tests and the dog was judged against a standard. This idea caught on, and spread very quickly across North America. Thousands of dogs were now being tested.

The CKC formed a series of working tests five years later, 1988; WC, WCI & WCX. In a test the dog is judged against a standard, similar to obedience. In these tests, though, there is no placement such as High In Trial etc. These tests were designed to test the natural instincts of the dog and then, to a much lesser degree, its trainability. These tests were quite easy and usually meant a "one day title" but have failed to be very popular. Please note the difference between a Test and a Trial.

The CKC designed a second series of tests for retrievers in 1996, The Hunt Tests. These tests require a higher standard of instinct and trainability and also require three qualifications before the title is granted.


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