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17.1 - A sanctioned obedience match is a competition at which dogs of six months of age or older, who are recognized or whose breed in included on the Miscellaneous list as designated by the Board, may compete, but not for legs for an obedience title. It is a learning experience for all trial officials, judges, stewards, handlers and exhibitors. A clubs shall not be permitted to hold more than one match in the same zone within a 3 month period, except at the discretion of the CKC Director for the respective zone.

17.2 - Any CKC accredited club or association wishing to hold a sanctioned obedience match under CKC rules must obtain the approval of the CKC by submitting an application for a match date, on the form provided by the CKC, to the CKC Board member for the respective zone.

17.3 - The granting of sanctioned obedience match dates is at the discretion of the local CKC Director.

17.4 - Dates must be applied for not less than 60 days prior to the date of the sanctioned match. Dates are allocated on a first come, first served basis. In special circumstances, the CKC Director for the respective zone may waive the 60 day requirement.

17.5 - The Provincial or Zone Obedience Representative is responsible for the compilation of a list of persons interested in judging sanctioned obedience matches. Representatives should keep this list of such people, who appear capable of and interested in judging sanctioned obedience matches, up to date. A person should not be expected to judge classes at a level higher than that in which he has completed titles on a dog unless in special circumstances (i.e. qualified persons not available). Clubs are requested to select judges from the lists prepared by the Obedience Representatives where possible and should contact their Obedience Representatives before appointing judges.

17.6 - A club holding a sanctioned match must appoint an obedience chair as well as a trial secretary and ring stewards. Clubs holding sanctioned obedience matches are required to have available copies of the latest edition of these Obedience Trial Rules & Regulations at all sanctioned matches.

17.7 - Classes may be provided for all Official Classes and Unofficial Classes. Utility Class may be held only if Open and Novice Classes are offered; Open Classes may be held only if Novice Classes are offered. Unofficial Obedience Classes may be held, only if all Official Obedience Classes are offered. The order of judging is at the discretion of the club. A dog may not enter a class for which it has received a title. A dog with a title may go through the routine, but it is not eligible for ribbons or prizes. Unofficial Classes may be held at any time where they do not interfere with Regular Classes.

17.8 - No score made at a sanctioned obedience match shall be considered as qualifying or as a leg towards a title.

17.9 - The Obedience Trial Rules and Regulations, with the exception of those sections pertaining to titles, shall apply at all sanctioned obedience matches.

17.10 - Ribbons or cards can be given at sanctioned obedience matches for Passing Scores and the following information must appear on the face of each ribbon/rosette: name of the club or association holding the match, "Sanctioned Obedience Match" and "Passing Score". Passing Score ribbons must be gold in colour. High in Class and High in Match ribbons/rosettes must be gold and white and clearly indicate the awards for which they are presented. All other ribbons offered must be dark green. A dog shall not be given a ribbon or a card if the dog has not earned more than 50% of the available points in each of the exercises and a total score of at least 170 points in a class.

17.11 - The judge's books must be made up of obedience trial judges' sheets or a facsimile thereof as per the Obedience Trial Rules & Regulations.

17.12 The set-up procedure followed at sanctioned obedience matches should follow approved obedience trials.

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