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5.1 Ribbons & Rosettes

5.1.1 - A club or association holding a trial under these rules shall provide ribbons and rosettes as provided in this section.

5.1.2 - The following information shall appear on the face of each ribbon or rosette: name of the club or association holding the trial; the crest of the CKC; and the words "Qualifying Score".

5.1.3 - A ribbon shall only be provided for a dog that receives a qualifying score. It shall be royal blue in colour, not less than 5.08cm (2") wide, and not less than 20.32 cm (8") in length.

5.1.4 - A rosette shall be provided for the highest scoring dog in each class. Each rosette shall bear the words "High In Class" and must identify the class. The colour shall be royal blue and white.

5.1.5 - Rosettes may be offered for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Each rosette must identify the class and the standing. The colour shall be royal blue and white.

5.1.6 - A rosette and a CKC High In Trial certificate shall be provided for the highest scoring dog in an obedience trial. The rosette shall bear the words "High In Trial". The colour shall be royal blue and white.

5.1.7 - All ribbons or rosettes offered for Unofficial Classes, Parades, etc. shall be green. Only those dogs receiving qualifying scores will receive ribbons, trophies or prizes.

5.1.8 - All other ribbons or rosettes offered may be any colour other than those specified in sections 5.1.3. through 5.1.7.

5.1.9 - When a trial is held in conjunction with a conformation show, all rosettes will be of equal size to those being presented at the Conformation show.

5.2 Prizes & Trophies

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5.2.1 - All prizes and/or trophies being offered at an obedience trial must be listed in the premium list and catalogue. They must be offered to be won outright, and be awarded automatically on the basis of scores attained by dogs competing at the trial. Exceptions to this include perpetual trophies, and those trophies or prizes that require 3 wins by the same exhibitor/handler (not necessarily with the same dog) for permanent possession which may be offered to the highest scoring qualifier.

5.2.2 - Prizes and/or trophies will be awarded by the judge to dogs with a qualifying score only.

5.2.3 - A club which gives a split class may offer prizes and trophies on the basis of scores earned in each section.

5.2.4 - Only prizes and/or trophies that are listed in the premium list may be awarded.

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