7 Sportsmanship

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7.1 Code of Sportsmanship

7.1.1 Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of purebred dogs.

7.1.2 Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy, and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace.

7.1.3 Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the sport by injecting personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior.

7.1.4 The sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers no other factors.

7.1.5 The sportsman refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge.

7.1.6 The sportsman respects the bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the sport, conforms to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.

7.1.7 Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of competitors.

7.1.8 Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.

7.1.9 Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of the dogs.

7.1.10 Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport or themselves while taking part in the sport.

7.1.11 Sportsmen are concerned with the behaviors of all involved in the sport.

7.1.12 Sportsmen take responsibility for their actions.

7.1.13 Sportsmen exhibit respect for the officials

7.2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

7.2.1 It shall be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct if a person during the running of or in connection with an event abuses or harasses a judge or official or any other person present in any capacity at the event.

7.2.2 Any handler who displays unsportsmanlike conduct or who is seen to kick, strike, or otherwise roughly manhandle a dog while on the grounds of a hunt test at any time during the holding of the event, may be expelled from the test by the Hunt Test Committee.

7.2.3 The judges shall also have the authority to expel a handler if they observe unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the handler or see the handler kicking, striking or otherwise roughly manhandling a dog while the event is in progress. It will be the duty of the judges to report promptly to the Hunt Test Committee the expulsion of a handler.

7.2.4 The Hunt Test Committee shall investigate, at once, any instance of alleged unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the handler, or any report that a handler has been observed kicking, striking or otherwise roughly manhandling a dog. If a Hunt Test Committee, after investigation, determines that a handler is in violation of this section, and that the incident, if proven, would constitute conduct prejudicial to the sport or The Canadian Kennel Club.

7.2.5 The Hunt Test Secretary shall submit within 21 days to The Canadian Kennel Club a complete report of any action taken under this section.

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