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6.1 Entry Requirements

6.1.1 Every dog entered in an approved hunt test or sanctioned hunt test must be of the following:

  1. Registered with the CKC
  2. Have an Event Registration Number
  3. Eligible for registration with the CKC
  4. Have a Performance Event Number

6.1.2 Hunt tests shall be open to all breeds of Retrievers, Barbet, Irish Water Spaniels and Standard Poodles which are eligible for registration or are registered in the CKC Stud Book. All dogs must be 6 months of age or over on the first day of the event.

6.1.3 If a dog is not registered individually in the CKC Stud Book, it may be entered at a test held under these regulations, as a "listed" dog, provided that:

  1. If born in Canada, it is eligible for individual CKC registration.
  2. If not born in Canada, it is eligible for individual registration in the records of The Canadian Kennel Club.
  3. If it is a foreign born and owned dog, it has an Event Registration Number, or obtains this from the CKC with 30 days of the first test entered.

6.1.4 The entry of a "listed" dog at a hunt test held under these regulations (sanctioned hunt test excluded) must be accompanied by the appropriate listing fee, and all listing fees must be remitted by the club or association holding the trial to the CKC within 21 days after the trial.

6.1.5 A dog that is eligible for a Performance Event Number (PEN) cannot be entered as a listed dog

6.1.6 The CKC shall have the right at any time to require the owner of a listed dog to submit proof of the dog's eligibility for registration in the CKC stud book. If the CKC is satisfied that the dog is not eligible for registration in the CKC studbook, it shall have the right to order the cancellation of all wins, championship points and prizes earned by the dog at these tests.

6.1.7 A dog is not eligible to be entered or run in any approved hunt test in any category if it has been reported on 2 occasions that it has attacked another dog while under judgment at a CKC approved hunt test. The judges, in both instances, must be of the unanimous opinion that the attacks were without reasonable cause. Judges are required to identify the offending dog on the judging sheet or in the Official Catalogue and the name of the offending dog shall be listed in the report of the hunt test sent to The Canadian Kennel Club.

6.1.8 A club may decline any entry for just cause. In such instances the club shall file in writing its reasons for doing so with the CKC within 21 days of the test.

6.2 Entry Forms

6.2.1 The following information must appear on each entry form:

  1. Registered name of dog
  2. CKC individual registration number (if registered in the CKC stud book), Event Registration Number or foreign registration number or Performance Event Number
  3. Name of breed
  4. Sex of dog
  5. Date and place of birth
  6. Names of sire and dam
  7. Name of breeders
  8. Stake entered
  9. Name of the owner (name of lessee shall be given instead of the name of the registered owner if the dog is being held under lease)
  10. Complete address of owner or lessee
  11. Name of handler if the dog is not to be handled by the owner or member of his immediate family and
  12. Signature of owner, lessee or authorized agent

6.2.2 Owners or lessees are responsible for errors or omissions in completing the entry forms, regardless of who makes the error.

6.2.3 No entry shall be made under a kennel name unless the name has been registered with the CKC. All entries made under a kennel name must be signed with the name of the kennel followed by the word "registered"

6.2.4 An entrant is the individual, or if a partnership, all the members of the partnership entering a dog in a hunt test. In the case of entry by partnership, every member of the partnership shall be in good standing with the CKC before the entry will be accepted. In the case of an any infraction of these rules, all the partners shall be held equally responsible.

6.2.5 All entries must be made on an official CKC entry form and must show all particulars as set forth in these rules. The Field Trial Secretary shall supply entry forms. Any dog proven not to correspond with its entry form shall be disqualified and all winnings and entry money shall be forfeited. Should the act of fraudulent entry be proven, the owner and/or handler, shall be referred to the Discipline Committee of the CKC who shall take such action as it sees fit.

6.2.6 In case of entries transmitted by facsimile, the entry form must be signed by the owner, lessee or agent before judging starts.

6.3 Entry Fees

6.3.1 A club may not accept an entry fee other than that which is published in the premium list or entry form or in any way discriminate between entrants. The entry fee for Day of entries may be higher than the entry fee for mail-in entries to reflect the extra work and cost of accepting "Day of entries.

6.3.2 The entry of a dog at a hunt test held under these rules must be accompanied by the entry fee.

6.3.3 Tendering of a dishonored cheque or credit card in payment of entre fees shall be considered non-payment of entre fees, and is an offence punishable by disciplinary action and cancellation of awards.

6.3.4 Non-compliance with this section of these rules shall be considered an offence punishable by disciplinary action and cancellation of awards.

6.4 Entry Fee Refund

6.4.1 Bitches in Season

  1. Bitches in season are not permitted to compete or enter, nor shall they be allowed on the grounds

6.4.2 Withdrawals

  1. Any dog withdrawn because of injury or illness, or for a dog that dies, or a bitch that comes into season shall be refunded in full by the test-giving club. Prior to paying such refund, the club may require an appropriate veterinary certificate.
  2. The test-giving club is free to formulate its own policy with reference to refunds for other reasons provided that the terms thereof are clearly stated in the premium list

6.5 Disqualification

6.5.1 Any dog disqualified for biting or viciousness shall automatically be disqualified from entering in any other event in any other discipline until such time as the dog is officially reinstated.

6.6 Health

6.6.1 Where it is found that these rules have been contravened, the dog in question shall be removed from the grounds and the owner/handler will be subject to disciplinary action.

6.6.2 No dog may be entered at a test held under these rules if the dog:

  1. Is known to have distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough or other communicable disease.
  2. Has recovered from infection with canine distemper or canine parvovirus within the last 14 days.

6.6.3 It is recommended that all dogs must have current immunization status before being entered.

6.7 Closing & Drawing of entries, Running Order

6.7.1 Entries for an approved hunt test may close at any time prior to the hunt test, but shall not close later than the third day preceding the start of the hunt test for mail-in entries or later than the closing time stated in the Premium List if "Day of" entries are being accepted.

6.7.2 Each entry form must be completed in full and the information given on the entry form must be that which applies to the entered dog.

6.7.3 A club holding an approved hunt test shall not accept any entries received after the closing time and date specified in the Premium List.

6.7.4 The order of running shall be decided by lot at the draw, however dogs worked by the same person shall be separated when possible. A separate draw must be held for each day and each Test. If "Day of" entries are being accepted, the starting dog number must be drawn after all entries have been accepted and the running order established.

6.7.5 Dogs may be run in an order different from the order in which they were drawn when:

  1. In the opinion of the judges or the Hunt Test Committee such will result in a reasonable and desirable saving of time in the conduct of the event.
  2. In the opinion of the judges such will avoid unfairness or prejudice to any dog resulting from an event which has occurred in the particular test.

6.8 Split Test Levels

6.8.1 At the discretion of the Hunt Test Committee any or all test levels may be run in more than one division, but dogs shall not be entered in more than one division of the same test level. Whenever test levels are divided, they shall be divided equally with placement of the odd dog determined by the Committee.

6.8.2 The club must notify the CKC within 24 hours of the closing date when a test level is split and obtain judge's approval.

6.9 End of Test

6.9.1 The Hunt Test Secretary shall, within 21 days of the completion of an approved hunt test, forward to The Canadian Kennel Club the Official Catalogue, marked to indicate a qualifying or non-qualifying score for each dog entered and signed and certified by the judges and the Hunt Test Secretary including all applicable information and documents.

6.9.2 A club must forward an Official Catalogue to The Canadian Kennel Club and official judge's book, signed and certified as above, along with the entry forms for those dogs entered, and a complete Hunt Test Secretary's report. (Evaluation forms need not be submitted to The Canadian Kennel Club). Clubs must keep evaluation forms for one year.

6.9.3 A club holding an approved hunt test shall retain an official catalogue.

6.9.4 The test-giving club is responsible for the collection of all listing fees and the submission of the same to The Canadian Kennel Club so as to be received not more than 21 days after the closing of the test. The test-giving club shall forward the following to The Canadian Kennel Club.

  1. The signed certification over the signatures of any one of the following: president, vice-president, secretary or other authorized signing officer, as to the number of listed dogs entered in its test, and the total number of dogs entered in competition in its test.
  2. A remittance which shall include all listing fees, and recording fees as set by the Board of Directors for each and every dog entered in competition in its test. In the event that The Canadian kennel Club establishes that the remittance fails to completely cover the fees as set forth above, an administrative fee as set by the Board shall apply.
  3. If a dog is entered in more than one class or stake at a hunt test, the remittance fee applies to each entry.

6.9.5 An administrative fee as set by the Board will be imposed for each day`s delay in the returns reaching the CKC.

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