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DNA Test Report January 29, 2009

Registered Name: Doindogs It Registration #: US248899 Tattoo/Chip #: 982 009105945005 Call Name: It

Breed: Labrador Retriever Date of Birth: September 06, 2008 Gender: Female

Optigen Accession #: 09-487

Test Performed: prcd Mutation Test for PRA

Sample Type: Blood

Test Results: Genotype of your dog is Carrier.

Risk for developing PRA: This dog will never develop the prcd form of PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy). So far, the only inherited PRA disease known in dogs of your breed is the prcd form of PRA.

Significance for breeding: Carrier dogs should be bred only to a mate of Normal/Clear genotype to avoid producing pups affected with the prcd form of PRA.

This interpretation is based on the test result of the DNA test for the specific mutation identified as causing the prcd form of PRA in Labrador Retrievers as of the date on this report.

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