Do You Microchip Your Dog?

by Don BATES

Don't be blocked by A chip

Microchips are not all the same, some may work yet some may not. The Canadian Kennel Club will only accept those that are approved by them. I thought that once a chip was implanted any scanner would be able to read the number, this is not so.

I recently imported four pups from the United States. All these pups were chipped by the breeder with "AVID" microchips. The first registration went fine. I submitted the others and learned that the microchips were encrypted and not approved by CKC. Avid make encrypted chips but CKC would not allow them to be used in Canada. The first response from CKC was to obtain non-encrypted chips, remove the others and then use the others, or to tattoo the animals. This is when my luck changed.

I contacted Avid and spoke to Kathy HUTCHESON. She was very concerned and agreed to take up my case with CKC. I was subsequently allowed to obtain a letter, on veterinary letterhead, stating that he had scanned the pups and obtained the proper numbers. Through all this I have learned that we have a very poor microchip system and that a better one exists. Although there are many manufactures, I am glad that I was dealing with AVID and Kathy HUTCHESON.

My next chip experience came when I imported a pup from Australia. I find out that they, and most of the world uses a common "ISO Chip" system. The USA has refused to adopt the ISO chip. The CKC, however, has decided to use the ISO chip even though the USA is sticking to their system. The ISO chip will be adopted by the CKC as of 1 Aug 05. It looks as though we are rushing into the ISO system. Very few readers are able to read this chip and the manufacturers of the dual readers can't meet the demand.

I strongly suggest that if anyone is importing or exporting dogs, and before the pup is chipped, they first check with Carol MINOT at CKC to find out what type is acceptable.

Doindogs Kennel uses AVID chips.... recognized worldwide, with no annual fee to the pet owner.



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