Working Certificate Test Rules and Regulation

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4.1 Premium List. (Table of Contents)

4.1.1 A standard premium list or information flyer must be published by all clubs holding working certificate tests under these rules. A club which has been granted permission to hold a test, and has received approval of its selected judges, must prepare a premium list with entry forms to be made available to prospective entrants.

4.1.2 Premium lists and entry forms shall be of such size, in such form, and contain such information as prescribed by the CKC. The following information must be listed on the cover (or first inside page, excluding the inside cover) of the premium list:

(a) Exact location of the event (may include a map showing the location of the site)

(b) The statement “These events held under the rules of The Canadian Kennel Club”

(c) A list of the club officers (addresses may be given if desired)

(d) A list of the Working Certificate Test Commit- tee including the Working Certificate Test Chairman

(e) The address and phone number of where entries are to be sent (if different from the Event Secretary)

(f) A statement as to where entries are to be sent

(g) A listing of the judges and their mailing addresses

(h) A complete list of each judge’s assignment broken down for each day

(i) A list of awards and prizes, if offered

(j) The amount of the entry fee for each test

(k) The name of the Chief Executive Officer of The Canadian Kennel Club and the address of the Head Office

(l) The name, address and telephone number of the CKC Board Member and the CKC Working Certificate Representative for the region! zone in which the tests will be held

(m) The type of birds to be used in the tests

(n) A statement as to how the running order will be decided

(o) A statement to include the wording of section 14.7 regarding indignities

4.1.4 At the time of distribution to prospective entrants, 2 copies of the premium list must be sent to The Canadian Kennel Club and one copy each to the Working Certificate Test Representative and Board Member representing the zone in which the test is to be held.

4.1.5 Clubs are free to include other rules and regulations as they deem necessary. However, if other rules are included, they become part of the premium list and will be enforced.

4.2 Catalogue. (Table of Contents)

4.2.1 An official catalogue must be provided for all approved working certificate tests. The official catalogue must be printed or typed.

4.2.2 The following information must be listed on the outside front cover or the first page of the catalogue:

(a) Name of the club or association holding the test

(b) The dates of the tests

(c) The statement “This event held under the rules of The Canadian Kennel Club”

(d) Exact location of the test

(e) List of the Working Certificate Committee including the Working Certificate Chair

(f) Name, address and phone number of the Working Certificate Secretary

(g) A complete list of the judges and their mailing address

(h) A listing of each judge’s assignment for each day

4.2.3 The information in the catalogue on each dog must be in the following order:

(a) Catalogue number of the dog

(b) Registered name of the dog (in capital letters only)

(c) Canadian Kennel Club registration number (if given) or indicate “listed”

(d) Date of birth

(e) Name of breeders

(f) Registered name of sire

(g) Registered name of dam

(h) Place of birth

(i) Name of owners

(j) Address of owners

(k) Agent (if applicable)

4.2.4 A running list or catalogue shall be available on the test grounds for all entrants to see.

4.2.5 Dogs and bitches should be mixed in the running order and the running order shall then be decided by the test-giving club, either by draw or by the order in which they are received. This must be specified in the premium list.

4.2.6 Dogs owned or handled by the same person should be separated in the running order if possible.

4.2.7 The name and address of The Canadian KennelClub, and the name, address, and telephone number of the local CKC Board Member for the zone in which the event is to be held must appear on everycatalogue or running list.

4.2.8 The following certification must appear in the official catalogue following the dogs listed in each test.

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