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22.1 - The participation in any manner or in any capacity at a competitive event held under these rules shall be considered a privilege accorded to any person by the CKC and such privilege may be extended and withdrawn by the Discipline Committee.

22.2 - Any person availing himself of the privilege of participating in any manner, shape or form and in any capacity, including that of a spectator at a competitive event held under these rules shall, by such participation, be deemed to have agreed to the authority of the CKC and its Board.

22.3 - No person who has been expelled, deprived of privileges, suspended or debarred by the CKC may compete, exhibit, judge, act as agent or handler for any competitor, take a dog into any competition or be connected in any capacity with competitive events held under these rules.

22.4 - A club holding an obedience trial under these rules shall not engage in any capacity a person who is under suspension or expulsion, debarred or deprived of privileges by the CKC.

22.5 - Any person who has lost the right to participate in events in their country of residence shall not, while such a loss of privilege is in effect, participate in any Canadian Kennel Club approved events. Any wins by a dog that is exhibited or handled by such individual shall automatically be cancelled.

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