The Most Popular Dog Kennel Clubs For Your Pet

What exactly does a kennel club do? Kennel clubs are organizations that act as a dog registry that sometimes organized dog events. Some kennel clubs register only purebred or pedigreed dogs, while others accept almost any type of dog. Some kennel clubs only accept and register dogs from only one particular breed, while others may accept many different breeds, including purebreds or mixed-breed dogs. Here are a few details of three acclaimed kennel clubs throughout the world.

The first kennel club is The National Kennel Club, Inc. This club was founded in 1969, and only registers purebred dogs. They claim to not discriminate from one breed to another; however, the dog must be a purebred, whether they are of a rare or common breed. The NKC also sponsors all-breed dog shows, including events for squirrel dogs and fox hunting dogs. Their accepted breed list amounts to a total of 207 breeds. The NKC also sanctions a total of 77 clubs, including international clubs, including one in Germany, and another in England.

The next kennel club on the list is the American Kennel Club. The AKC also registers purebred and pedigreed dogs. The AKC Board of Directors reserves the authority to add a breed to their accepted listing. The AKC registers dogs from a total of 157 in their complete list of recognized breeds. They also have a list for rare purebreds that they are not able to officially recognize at this time, but may add upon a later date. Like most dog kennel clubs, the AKC also sponsors several dog shows; the AKC is known for their relationship with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in England. The AKC also has many affiliated clubs, including purebred rescue groups and obedience or agility clubs.

The third kennel club is the Continental Kennel Club. The CKC was founded only in 1991, and has progressed greatly ever since its founding. The CKC is extremely customer service oriented, and they provide many different forms of communication with the organization, such as providing a magazine, a newsletter, as well as offering free puppy papers for previously registered CKC members. Unlike the National Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club, the Continental Kennel Club offers registration to mixed breeds as well as purebred breeds. This allows them to register more dogs to uphold their customer-oriented organization. The CKC also sponsors dog events, but possibly not to the extent of other kennel clubs. Their events generally are limited to agility, obedience, and personal protection.

Though there are many kennel clubs throughout the world to choose from, you will want to make sure that the credentials of an organization are in good standing in comparison to other kennel clubs. Look and see what kinds of events the kennel club offers, and see if any of them may be particularly interesting to you. The websites of most kennel clubs are straightforward and provide a good bit of information to help you make an educated decision about where to register your purebred, pedigreed, or mixed dog. If you have any more questions after reviewing the sites, go ahead and call the organization and speak with someone. That just may be the difference in choosing the right club for you and your pet.

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Doindogs note: "CKC" also stands for, and often confused with the Canadian Kennel Club.


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