2. General Regulations

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Eligibility of Clubs to Hold Hunt Tests

2.1.1 Only CKC accredited clubs or associations that are in good standing with the CKC are eligible to apply for and hold hunt tests.

2.1.2 A club that has not held a hunt test under the CKC rules within 3 years will be required to hold one sanction test.

2.1.3 Approval to hold a hunt test may be given to clubs formed for the improvement of the several breeds of retrievers or to clubs formed for the improvement of a single breed.

2.2 Making application

2.2.1 A club or association applying to hold a hunt test must make application on forms provided by the CKC. The Event Date Application must be submitted so as to be received not less than 180 days prior to the date of the proposed test. The CKC will notify the club whether or not approval has been granted. If the date is granted and the club fails to hold its trial on the date approved, an administrative fee as set by the Board will be assessed against the club, unless the CKC waives this fee on grounds that the club had no alternative but to postpone or cancel.

2.2.2 Only a club whose president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and test secretary are regular members in good standing with the CKC may make application for the test dates.

2.2.3 The CKC shall have the authority to grant or withhold approval of an application for a test date. In the event approval is withheld, the test-giving club shall have no claim against the CKC.

2.2.4 The CKC will not approve an application for a hunt test where qualifying scores can be awarded when dates conflict with one or more hunt tests, unless it can be shown that the granting of such permission will not work to the detriment of the clubs applying to hold the hunt tests.

2.2.5 A club may offer Junior, Senior, Master and Owner Handler Master hunt tests.

2.2.6 Whenever offered, all Master Tests should be scheduled to run over 2 days.

2.3 CKC Publications

2.3.1 All clubs holding hunt tests are required to have copies of the latest edition of these Hunt Test Rules and Regulations available.

2.4 Advertising

2.4.1 A club that has not been granted priority dates must not advertise or publish the date of any event that has not been approved by the CKC

2.4.2 A club that has been granted priority dates for its event may advertise those dates prior to submitting the Event Date Application. This does not exempt the club from submitting the required applications to the CKC within the prescribed time frame.

2.4.3 A club must not advertise the names of the judges until the club has received official notification from the CKC that the judges have been approved.

2.5 Training

2.5.1 There shall be no training of dogs on the grounds of a hunt test, except for single training bumpers which are thrown by hand by the handler, either within 24 hours of the commencement of the event, or at any time during the event. The Hunt Test Committee is responsible for enforcement of this provision.

2.5.2 Electronic collars (either dummy or live) as well as prong or pinch type collars shall not be worn by a dog on the grounds of a Hunt Test at any time during the event.

2.6 Hunt Test Secretary

2.6.1 Any club or association holding a hunt test under these rules must name a Hunt Test Secretary who must be a member of the hosting club and the Canadian Kennel Club. The premium list for CKC approved hunt tests shall designate the Hunt Test Secretary as receiving entries.

2.7 Hunt Test Committee

2.7.1 A club that has been granted permission by The Canadian Kennel Club to hold an approved hunt test must appoint a Hunt Test Committee which will have complete responsibility for the planning and conducting of the event. The Committee shall be comprised of at least 3 members of the club and may include the Hunt Test Secretary, but the Hunt Test Secretary shall not be designated as the Hunt Test Committee Chair. A majority of the Hunt Test Committee must be present during a CKC -approved hunt test. In the absence of Hunt Test Committee members, the chairman or an officiating officer shall appoint sufficient committee members in order to insure compliance with this section.

2.7.2 The Hunt Test Committee and Hunt Test Secretary shall be held responsible for compliance with all of the applicable rules and regulations for hunt tests, except those coming under the sole jurisdiction of the judges, and must provide themselves with copies of the latest editions of these books.

2.7.3 The Hunt Test Committee of a club holding an approved hunt test shall have the authority to decide upon any matter arising during the running of the hunt test, except a matter coming within the jurisdiction of the judge.

2.7.4 A dog that bites or attempts to bite another dog or a person may be removed from the event grounds or premises for the duration of the event by the Hunt Test Committee Chair.

2.7.5 Where a person who has control or custody of a dog at a CKC event causes that dog to suffer serious injury or death through negligence or willful misconduct, the Hunt Test Committee Chair shall file a report to the CKC for possible submission to the Discipline Committee.

2.8 Handlers with Disabilities

2.8.1 At the judge's discretion a modification to the exercise/routine may be made to accommodate a handler with disabilities providing that such modification does not aid the dog's performance or inhibit other dogs and the dog is required to perform all exercises/routines.

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