20 Discipline

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20.1 The Discipline Committee may take disciplinary action against any club, person, partnership, company or organisation for any act of omission or commission, which violates any section or sections of the rules and regulations for CKC hunt tests. Such action will be taken as provided for in the By-laws of the CKC.

20.2 No person shall abuse a dog on the grounds or premises of a Hunt Test, or conduct themselves in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the event.

20.3 Any club, member, person, partnership, company or organisation availing themselves of the privilege of participating in any capacity or manner whatsoever at a hunt test shall, by such participation, be deemed to have agreed to the authority of the CKC, and its Board as conferred on the CKC by its By-laws and all other rules and regulations adopted by the CKC.

20.4 At its discretion and subject to the appeal process, the Discipline Committee may cancel any or all qualifying scores earned by a dog owned by a person debarred, deprived, suspended or expelled of all privileges of the CKC, when such wins were earned following the date on which such act occurred that resulted in disciplinary action.

20.5 The administration to a dog competing at a hunt test of a drug or any substance in any form, which alters the nervous system by stimulation, sedation or tranquilization shall be considered as misleading the judge and will be considered misconduct. The person or persons responsible will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with this section.

20.6 Any person who does anything calculated to attract, distract or otherwise interfere in any way with the attention, deportment, or performance of a dog under judgement, may be disciplined by the Discipline Committee in whatever way it considers to be in the best interest of the club, or the judge may take summary action.

20.7 It shall be the duty and obligation of the event-giving club to see that a judge, club official, volunteer, or any participant at a hunt test held under these regulations, is not subject to any indignities. The Hunt Test Committee Chair shall promptly report to the CKC any infringement of this regulation, and the CKC shall have the authority to take such action as it deems fit on receipt of a report indicating that this has occurred. A copy of this regulation shall be prominently placed in every premium list and catalogue.

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