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7.1 Submission of Records.

7.1.1 The test secretary of the club holding a working certificate test shall forward to the CKC the following material so as to be received within 21 days following the last day of the test:

(a) A catalogue/running list which shall include the following information; name of breed, name of dog, CKC registration number or ERN (if any), date and place of birth, name of breeder, name of sire, name of dam, name and full address of owner, marked with the passes in all tests, and absentees noted.

(b) An unmarked catalogue/running list.

(c) All entry forms of all dogs that passed.

(d) All judge's book marked and signed by the officiating judges.

(e) The signed certification over the signatures of the president and secretary of the club as to the number of listed dogs entered in its tests and the total number of dogs participating in its tests. (f) any other information or reports as may be required by The Canadian Kennel Club.

(g) A remittance which shall include all listing and recording fees as set by the Board for Each and every dog entered in its tests. In the event that the CKC establishes that the remittance fails to completely cover the fees set forth above, an administrative fee will be assessed against the club as set by the Board.

An administrative fee as set by the Board will be imposed for each day's delay in the returns reaching the CKC.

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